Journey of Building a Movement

    VOICES21C, produced by Lauren Extrom

    Performed by members of VOICES 21C (featuring Sam Fishman on drums)


    The creative response for the Choral Commons Podcast entitled “Liberation Theology, Poverty, and the Choir” is a compilation of questions, ideas, call and response, and declarations, all through the medium of a musical soundscape journey that aims to, in short, “build a movement.” The piece
    begins with a trio of singers, each overlapping one another with their improvisations on the text “Jesus was a poor man,” which was a statement that was mentioned quite a bit in this podcast episode, and seemed to exemplify what The Poor People’s Campaign stands for.

    The piece takes the listener through a sea of drones and improvisatory statements that originate from the dialogue between Yara Allen and Charon Hribar: “the sacred in the secular”; “how do we build community?”; “music was a part of who I was”; “a choir of impacted voices”; and, “will you lead a song?” among others. At the same time, in the depths of the drones and improvisatory layers, the thread of “building a movement” is pretty consistent throughout the piece--this was not necessarily intentional, but I think it speaks a lot to the driving force behind Yara’s and Charon’s backgrounds and ongoing work in the field of theomusicology.

    The closing section starts off with a question and an answer: Question - How do we build community? Answer - Music can build our connectedness...music can build...*build a movement*. From there, the drums are reintroduced in a more vibrant way, giving us the energy to join together in harmony and in strength to sing a few lines of Mi Única, a song that is actually from the The Poor People’s Campaign Songbook and was performed by VOICES 21C in March 2020 at the ACDA conference in Rochester, NY.


    Project Participants:
    Lauren Extrom - Michael Genese - Chris Clark - Michael Leonard - Krystal Morin - Jesse Colford
    - Judy Zuckerman - Olivia de Geofroy - Sam Fishman


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