Emilie Amrein

    Founder & Executive Producer

    EMILIE AMREIN (she/her) is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion within the arts and academia. She is the co-artistic director of Common Ground Voices / La Frontera, a bi-national community music project that aims to build relationships and understanding across political, demographic, and perceptual borders as an exercise of non-violence. She is also founder of Peregrine Music, an arts and education organization committed to engaging communities in meaningful dialogue about the most pressing social issues facing the world with creative, youth-driven performance projects.


    Emilie has presented her work for several distinguished professional organizations, including Chorus America, the American Choral Director’s Association, the College Music Society, and the National Youth Leadership Council.


    Emilie is Associate Professor of Music and Director of Choral Studies at the University of San Diego where she conducts the USD Choral Leadership Collaboratory and teaches courses on the intersection of music and social justice movements, community music, and changemaking.

    André de Quadros

    Founder & Creative Director

    ANDRÉ DE QUADROS (he/him) is a conductor, ethnomusicologist, music educator, writer, and human rights activist who has conducted and undertaken research in over forty countries. His professional work has taken him to the most diverse settings, spanning professional ensembles, and projects with prisons, psychosocial rehabilitation, refugees and asylum-seekers, poverty locations, and victims of torture and trauma.


    André is Artistic Director and Conductor of the following choirs: Common Ground Voices (Israeli-Palestinian-international), the Manado State University Choir (Indonesia), the Muslim Choral Ensemble (Sri Lanka), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Countries Youth Choir, and Boston’s VOICES 21C. He co-leads Common Ground Voices / La Frontera (Mexico-US).


    André de Quadros is a professor of music at Boston University. de Quadros also holds affiliate faculty positions in the African Studies Center, Center for the Study of Asia, Initiative on Cities, Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilizations, and the Prison Education Program at Boston University.

    Bradford Dumont

    Leadership Team

    BRAD DUMONT (he/him) is a passionate arts advocate working to create and support unique artistic projects that contribute to cultural improvement and community-based arts education. Brad is committed to a process-oriented approach of music-making which allows for singers to explore diverse themes of equity and justice, a process which helps singers more clearly and creatively communicate their stories.


    Brad serves as the Director of Choral Activities at Assumption University and as the Music Director of the Salisbury Singers in Worcester, MA. Additionally, Brad serves as the vice president of the New Hampshire Master Chorale and on the artistic planning team for the Boston-based choir VOICES 21C where he helps develop creative staging and narrative driven programs. Brad is also the operations manager for Emmanuel Music in Boston, an orchestra contractor for ensembles throughout New England, vice chair of the Greater Boston Choral Consortium, and a producer for The Choral Commons.


    Brad is currently a doctoral candidate in choral conducting at The Hartt School of Music studying with Dr. Anthony Trecek-King.

    Michael Genese

    Arts Incubator Coordinator

    MICHAEL GENESE (he/they) is a composer, educator, tenor, and multi-instrumentalist.

    With work converging in social justice, principles of sound, and contextual human experience, Genese's work asks how the artistic, sonic, and educational mediums can best reveal new understandings of the self, and how the presence of intersectionality in our thinking can be fostered through our interactions with music.


    Based in New York City, he is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Composition at The New School, studying with Timo Andres. He is a member and creative partner of Boston choral ensemble et al, co-producer on The Choral Commons podcast, and founding member / head of communications for the internationally acclaimed social justice choir, VOICES 21C. 


    Holding degrees in Music Education and Vocal Performance, Genese's broad-reaching work as an educator explores which individual actions and artistic initiatives can most effectively uplift persons victim to historical and canonic erasure, in a time where reversion to circumstances existing before such erasure are no longer attainable. Genese aims to push the notion that the arts and humanities are entirely willing and able to affect the state of our consciousness and our individual ignorance, as both the art-makers and the listeners.

    Krystal Morin

    Education Coordinator

    KRYSTAL MORIN (she/her) is a New England based conductor, singer, and educator who believes in music as a tool for personal and community empowerment. Krystal is the founding music director of Second Generation Manchester Choral Society (2GMCS), a NH youth chorus, serves as an assistant conductor for Boston Children's Chorus, and is the assistant music director for Manchester Choral Society.


    Krystal is pursuing her Masters in Choral Conducting at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee and completed her undergraduate degree in Music Education at Plymouth State University. Previously, she led five choral ensembles and general music courses at ConVal Regional High School in Peterborough, NH, served as the chorus manager for the NH Music Festival, and served on the board of the NH Chapter of the American Choral Director's Association.


    Krystal sings with and serves on the artistic leadership team for VOICES 21C, a Boston-based artists collective dedicated to exploring divergent choral practices and social justice issues. Krystal also works as part of Boston University's Prison Arts Initiative teaching collaborative arts courses alongside André de Quadros, Judy Braha, and Bradford Dumont in various facilities throughout the greater Boston area.

    Jasper Sussman

    Community Projects & Operations Coordinator

    JASPER SUSSMAN (she/her) is a composer, vocalist, and interdisciplinary scholar pursuing her doctorate at the University of California, San Diego. Her forthcoming dissertation-- a piece of critical, ethnomusicological and creative integration-- explores the concept and implications of understanding voice as ecology. Jasper is dedicated to the development and application of socially meaningful voicework. In her eyes, musicking, as an interrelational process of becoming, is inextricably linked to ethical life.


    In her three years as a San Diegan, Jasper has served as Education Director, Soloist, Contributing Composer and Core Member of Sacra/Profana, After School Teaching Artist at A Reason To Survive (ARTS), Voice Coach and Health Consultant for San Diego Children’s Choir, Guest Instructor for the University of San Diego’s Choral Scholars program, and Soloist for USD Choral Concerts, San Diego New Music, Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, and many UCSD events.


    She holds degrees from the University of Michigan and Lawrence University, and her vocal pieces are published in the Justice Choir Songbook, the See-a-dot Music Publishing catalog, and on her website via ala fady press.


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    Mission, Vision & Values


    The Choral Commons aims to provide a space for choirs and conductors to envision innovative and equity-centered practice and to confront racism, poverty, ableism, LGBTQ discrimination, displacement, and much more. We produce podcasts, interactive webinars, and curated resources on divergent pedagogy and practice. We connect and engage community in meaningful dialogue, and incubate creative, artistic, and compassionate choral projects that empower choral music organizations to work for a just and peaceful world.


    This is an opportune moment for choral organizations to reflect on past practice and to strategize about the future of the choral art form and choral organizations. Artists and arts organizations are uniquely positioned to respond creatively to societal challenges, advocate against and draw attention to systemic oppression, and cultivate belonging, empowerment, and wellness. By focusing on innovation, equity, and community engagement, we hope to empower choral practitioners with additional strategies for innovation, grounded in culturally responsive, critical and equity-centered values.


    Equity—Everyone has a fair and just share of social and cultural resources that belong to us together.


    Interdependence—Cooperation and connection in our communities, around our world, and with our living planet is essential for the future.


    Shared Leadership—Everyone is engaged in gathering information, making decisions, and exercising power to steward common resources.


    Deepened Responsibility—Together we claim the power to repair inequity, restore our common inheritance, and expand opportunities for human fulfillment and planetary resilience.


    Belonging—A more expansive view of belonging fosters broader understandings of what ownership means and new structures for how it works.


    Co-Producing—A spirit of common purpose lets us realize that abundance, not scarcity, prevails when we invite wider participation in our endeavors.


    Mutual benefit—All stakeholders are expected to achieve outcomes that are just and meaningful to them.


    Reciprocity—We recognize, respect, and value the knowledge, perspective, and resources that each partner contributes to the collaboration, in order to move beyond expectations of complementarity to reposition power so that it is shared among collaborators.

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