Mission, Vision & Values


    The Choral Commons is a space for choirs and conductors to envision innovative and equity-centered choral futures. We produce podcasts and interactive webinars; offer curated resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion; connect and engage community in meaningful dialogue on pedagogy and practice; and incubate creative, artistic, and compassionate choral projects that empower choral music organizations to work for a just and peaceful world.


    This is an opportune moment for choral organizations to reflect on past practice and to strategize about the future of the choral art form and choral organizations. Artists and arts organizations are uniquely positioned to respond creatively to societal challenges, advocate against and draw attention to systemic oppression, and cultivate belonging, empowerment, and wellness. By focusing on innovation, equity, and community engagement, we hope to empower choral practitioners with additional strategies for innovation, grounded in culturally responsive, critical and equity-centered values.


    Equity—Everyone has a fair and just share of social and cultural resources that belong to us together.


    Interdependence—Cooperation and connection in our communities, around our world, and with our living planet is essential for the future.


    Shared Leadership—Everyone is engaged in gathering information, making decisions, and exercising power to steward common resources.


    Deepened Responsibility—Together we claim the power to repair inequity, restore our common inheritance, and expand opportunities for human fulfillment and planetary resilience.


    Belonging—A more expansive view of belonging fosters broader understandings of what ownership means and new structures for how it works.


    Co-Producing—A spirit of common purpose lets us realize that abundance, not scarcity, prevails when we invite wider participation in our endeavors.


    Mutual benefit—All stakeholders are expected to achieve outcomes that are just and meaningful to them.


    Reciprocity—We recognize, respect, and value the knowledge, perspective, and resources that each partner contributes to the collaboration, in order to move beyond expectations of complementarity to reposition power so that it is shared among collaborators.

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